About Us

Radiant Industries is a family-owned business based in Ludhiana and has been delivering high-quality products and services for years. Under the leadership of our founder Mr. Hardeep Singh, Radiant has managed to establish itself as the industry leader of bright bars and wires all across the country and also as an exporter in countries across the world. Our infrastructural capabilities like our factory for heat treatment, cold finishing facilities, special plant that manufactures the broadest size range and employees have proven to be our biggest asset and helped us attain exponential growth every year. Radiant’s philosophy is to create strategies that always point towards growth while incorporating state-of-the-art manufacturing and production technologies. We believe that upgradation to the finest technologies and high infrastructural quality is of paramount importance and thus strive every day to achieve them. Every product that leaves our factory and every customer we cater to, no matter how small or big, are equally important to us and thus always of top quality.

Having provided products to different business verticals like Automotive, refineries, mechanical, hydraulic, earthmoving, fastener, general engineering and agriculture, we aim to achieve new heights and aspire to become the biggest all-round suppliers of bright bars and wires not only in the county but also in the world.

To create a high achieving, quality-focused community that helps generate value products for customers. We aim to revolutionize the industry and achieve excellence by focusing on the intricacies of our designing and manufacturing facilities, building an inspired and dependable team, and fostering long-lasting work relationships.

To create exponential growth and become the largest supplier in the world by creating a highly proactive and efficient work environment that enables employees to thrive, innovate, and learn.

“Being the pioneer is not just  about  doing  it first, it is about creating a revolution. At Radiant Industries we believe that everything we design and manufacture goes into building a foundation. That is why we believe in excellence, not compromise.”