At Radiant, we truly believe that superior infrastructure and state of the art equipment can be a real game changer in providing reliable structural steel solutions to customers. To persistently be in sync with our ideologies, we invest in futuristic techniques and ultra-modern machineries that help us provide relevant goods and services to our customers while maintaining high degree of flexibility that allows us to incorporate their special needs and tailor make products as per their requirements.

Radiant invests in sophisticated ultra-modern machinery that helps us provide class
apart heat treatment services to our customers. Our PLC controlled heat treatment
furnaces help us have complete control over the temperature and quality. Our special
high-quality furnaces can treat bars up to 7 meters long and help us achieve heating
results with end to end undeviating consistency. This process alters the mechanical
properties and the microstructure of the metal and achieve various outcomes, some
of which are magnetism, electrical resistance, corrosion resistance, ductility, softness,
brittleness, and toughness.



Spheroidized Annealing

Solution Annealing

Normal Annealing

Quenching And Tempering Normalizing

ISO Thermal Annealing

Stress Relieving

Rectangular Bell Annealing Furnace for Long Bars Upto 7 Mtrs

  • High Charge Capacity of 20 MT
  • Length of up to 7 meters
  •  PID and Thyristor Controller that provides heating solutions for products that need a long life and high reliability
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) are used to achieve high level supervisory management for processing
  • 100% Sealing System
  • Uniform hardness through the batch with a difference of 6 bhn in hardness in any part of the bar

Bell Type Annealing Furnace for Wire Rods and Coils

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Programmable
    Logic Controller is used to achieve high-level supervisory management for processing 
  • 100% Sealing System
  • An end to end capacity of 8MT per bell
  • Poland Design and Make
  • Nitrogen purging to replace the inert hazardous atmosphere with a dry safe atmosphere throughout the cycle
  • Best suitable for applications of any critical type of cold forging applications
  • Spheroidization to convert them into machinable alloys is achieved more than 95% of the times

Cold finishing is essentially hot rolled steel that has undergone further processing
under different procedures. The steel is further processed in cold mills where the
material is cooled down to room temperature and then followed up with annealing,
turning, grinding, and polishing. Cold products provide a high level of tolerance,
superior surface finish, straightness, and concentricity.
Radiant offers a wide range of sizes, widths, and finishing options. Owing to our
machining and infrastructural capabilities, we efficiently produce versatile cold
finished products to meet our customers’ manufacturing and processing needs. Our
cold finishing facilities have successfully increased yield and tensile strength, reduced
surface imperfections, stringent size tolerance, and improved surface finishing.


Imported Fully Automatic Bar to Bar Peeling Line

  • Size range 20- 103 mm and length up to 8.5 meters
  • The speed of peeling is up to 10 meters/min
  • Production capacity of 1500 MT per month
  • The diameter tolerance is less than or equal to H9 in peeled bars
  • Surface Roughness can be up to 1.75 Ra
  • Roundness of 0.05mm max
  • Formation and division into lobes as per standard of H9

Bar to Bar Drawing machines

  •  6 Lines that are suitable for rounds, squares, flats, and hexagons that can be customized as per customer specification
  • We have a production capacity of up to 2500 MT per month
  • The size ranges from 8 MM to 105 MM with a length that can go up to 8 meters
  • Cold Drawing operation is carried through shot blasting of raw material

Imported CNC Type fully Automatic Centerless Grinding Machine

  • 3 lines suitable for size range between size ranges 8 MM – 110 MM
  • Length up to 7 meters
  • Surface finish up to 0.40 Ra maximum
  • Production capacity 1500 MT per month
  • Sizes can be customized as per customer specifications. Size Control chart includes E6, J6, F6, F7, H7, F8, H8, H9 AS PER ASTM A484 Standard

Bar to Bar Polishing Machine

  • Range 8 to 80 MM, that can be up to length 7 meter
  • Surface finish up to 0.2 RA Max
  • Production capacity is up to 400 MT per month

Coil to Coil Wire Drawing Machines

  • 3 lines with the size range of 5MM- 31MM
  • Supported with a coil to bar cutting machine 8 MM to 16 MM
  • Production capacity is up to 650 MT per month


Automatic Bar Polishing Lines

Combined Wire Drawing Machines

Automatic Draw Benches

Belt Polishing Machines

Shot Blasting Line

Band Saw Cutting Machines

grit Polishing Machines

Section Polishing Machines

Automatic Chamfering Machines

Section Straightening Machines

Centreless Grinding Machines

Metallurgical Testing involves the usage of microscopy to provide important
information about the structure of metals and properties of the alloy. Metals are
subject to cooling, melting, and creating major crystalline structural change. We
study the metal structure and evaluate the effects on material properties on the
product that can help strengthen it or suit the product needs more. This provided
service is also called Metallographic Examination and Metallurgical Analysis.
We study the elemental composition, corrosion resistance, and mechanical
properties by using our highly accredited and equipped metallurgical and mechanical
lab that is highly precise and uses methodologies that have proven to be reliable.
Our test data and related results have helped multiple business verticals as well as
helped us design accurate products for our clients to fit their business needs.



  • UTM upto 60 MT Capacity
  • Hardness Testing


  • Spectrometer with Nitrogen Gas Analyzer


  • Micrometer
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Bar Straightness Testing
  • Surface Roughness Testing
  • Mobile Handheld Spectrometer
  • Bars out of Roundness Testing
  • Step Down Testing
  • Dump Testing
  • External Magnetic Particle Inspection Testing up to 7 meter long bars
  • Internal Ultrasonic Testing


  • Microstructure
  • Non Metallic Inclusion Rating
  • Macrostructure
  • Non-Metallic Inclusion Rating
  • Grain Size
  • Decarb Level


Radiant has scaled new heights because of the hard work and support of our motivated employees. We believe they are the biggest asset of our company and to ensure their complete safety and well-being, we have built a critical infrastructure for them and also provided boiler suits, safety helmet, safety shoes so that they have a sophisticated and safe environment in the factories and manufacturing units. Our company also organizes biannual health check-ups for the workers are to ensure thatthey are able to maintain well-rounded health at all times.